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5 of the Worst Driving Habits to Avoid

Posted on: 13-10-2017 by: The Murphy Insurance Group

Most accidents are the result of driver error or inattention. Here are 5 habits that make driving dangerous. Avoid these and be a better driver.

Using a phone. It does not matter if you are texting, talking, switching music or looking at your GPS app for directions. Keep your phone turned off and out of reach. If you need help with directions, ask a passenger to use GPS on their phone and navigate for you, or if going alone, study the directions before you even get into the car.

Any type of distracted driving. Laiza King, in her article on, includes using a phone in her list of distracting tasks, but also lists eating, grooming, applying makeup, and talking while driving. When you are driving, don’t do anything else.

Racing a yellow light. Even pulling into an intersection on a green light to make a left turn while you wait for traffic to clear is a bad habit since the light may turn yellow and then red before you get a chance to turn. Yellow lights allow enough time to safely stop before the light turns red. So, when you see that yellow light, don’t gun it.

Speeding. There are limits for a reason. Don’t speed even a little bit. Also, make sure that you know your state’s laws regarding speed limits if there are no signs posted. According to the State of Florida, “The safe speed is the one that allows you to have complete control of your vehicle.” That means adjusting your speed for bad weather and road conditions—a good rule to follow no matter which state you live in.

Driving the exact same route every day. When something becomes routine, we start to zone out, get too comfortable, and stop paying attention. That is why Aaron Miller in his article “Everyday Driving Habits that Could Save Your Life” suggests varying your daily route. You will “force your brain to snap out of your automatic, monotonous commute, and you’ll pay better attention to the road and surroundings.” That is, you will be at safer driver.

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