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5 Reasons IT Business' Need Professional Liability Insurance

Many businesses that provide services to clients have professional liability insurance (PLI). That’s because when you deal with people, you always run the risk of someone being dissatisfied with your product or performance. IT businesses are no different. Here…

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Posted on: 24-08-2017

What Drivers Need to Know About Ride Sharing

You may know someone who is making a “killing” working for companies like Lyft or ride sharing Uber. The extra money can be nice, but there are some things you should know before hiring out your car to a “Transportation Networking Corporation.”

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Posted on: 27-07-2017

Insurance Coverage you Need for your New Small Business

When you open the doors of your new business, you put yourself and your new business at risk. Before you take that last step and open the doors, protect yourself by reviewing your insurance needs and covering yourself and your assets with the right policies. T…

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Posted on: 10-03-2017
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