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How to Secure "Attractive Nuisances" on Your Property

The term “attractive nuisance” may be new to you. It refers to anything on your property that might prove irresistible to children. That could include playground equipment or a swimming pool, but kids are also attracted to things like machinery, old cars, and …

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Posted on: 31-08-2017

5 Reasons IT Business' Need Professional Liability Insurance

Many businesses that provide services to clients have professional liability insurance (PLI). That’s because when you deal with people, you always run the risk of someone being dissatisfied with your product or performance. IT businesses are no different. Here…

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Posted on: 24-08-2017

Do I Really Need Rental Insurance on a Rental Car

Rental insurance on a rental car starts at about $10 and often climbs to a figure that leaves you with a pause.  Noticing the rest of the rental expenses adding up, most people ask themselves if they really need rental car insurance coverage.

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Posted on: 17-08-2017

Latest Trend: What Drivers Need to Know About Ride Sharing

Uber, Lyft and other ride share companies are quickly gaining popularity not only for those who are looking for a ride but for those who are looking for supplemental income.  In fact, this platform has gained such popularity that many professionals are quittin…

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Posted on: 10-08-2017

Do You Really Need to Pay for Rental Car Insurance?

Do you need to pay for rental car insurance? Many drivers are not sure and so end up paying for it at the counter.  In many cases, buying the insurance is unnecessary and can nearly double the cost of the rental.

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Posted on: 27-04-2017

Top Things to Consider when Buying Life Insurance

For financial security, more and more people are realizing the value of life insurance. As the average age of Americans continues to go up, life insurance becomes more and more important.  Fortunately, there are now many credible providers. There are a few key…

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Insurance Coverage you Need for your New Small Business

When you open the doors of your new business, you put yourself and your new business at risk. Before you take that last step and open the doors, protect yourself by reviewing your insurance needs and covering yourself and your assets with the right policies. T…

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Posted on: 10-03-2017
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