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Safeguard Your Home Before Your Next Trip

Posted on: 20-09-2017 by: The Murphy Insurance Group

So much thought goes into planning and packing for vacation. In the busyness of getting ready, it's easy to forget about taking the steps needed to safeguard your home while you're gone. Before you head out on your next vacation, add these home security tips to your list.

Tips To Protect Your Home While You're Away

  • Security System - If your home has a security system, it never hurts to give the company that you use a heads up that you'll be out-of-town. Let them know when you're leaving and when you anticipate coming home. If you have someone who will be checking in on your home, make sure the security company knows this. Also make sure that individual knows your code and any password that would be needed should they set off the alarm. 
  • Doors and Windows - Before you head out, check each room in your home to make sure all windows and doors are locked. While it seems a slim chance that someone would sneak around your home checking to see if they can get in through an unlocked window, it's not something you want to risk.
  • Use An App - Do it yourself; keep an eye on your home using a home security app from your phone. Take the time, though, to research your options to find the system that'll suit all of your needs. Fortunately, there are several affordable options available.
  • Turn It Off - When you're heading from room to room to make sure your windows are locked, also check to see that lights and other electronics are turned off. If your coffee maker is on a timer, for example, shut if off to avoid a fire risk. Same thing goes for styling items, like curling irons. Lights are also not necessary to leave on. Most burglaries actually happen during the day, but if having lights on gives you an added sense of security, have the lights on timers so they are not on all the time. There is no better tell-tale sign that the home's occupants are away than lights that are constantly on.
  • Hire A Sitter - Entrust a good neighbor, friend, or relative with a key to your home. They don't have to stay the entire time you're away, but having them check on things at least once a day is a great idea. Another obvious sign of an empty home is mail piling up in the mail box. Have them bring your mail in every day and bring your trash out to the curb. If you'll be gone very long, have someone help keep up on your lawn as well. Activity in and around your home helps it to appear occupied.
  • Review Your Insurance Policy - In the unfortunate event of something happening to your home while you're away on vacation, make sure you have the right coverage to suit the needs of your family. Looking it over might also point you to loose ends you'll want to fix that could affect your insurance coverage should something happen. 
  • Avoid Social Media - Depending on who can see your posts, posting about going on vacation on social media is probably not the best idea. You wouldn't put a sign in front of your house that tells people you'll be gone for a week, so think twice before you share it with all of your "friends" on the internet.

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